Ben’s Hometown Flooring offers a variety of styles and qualities of carpet for your home or business. Although I do not stock carpets in my North Branch shop and Showroom, many of the carpets that I carry are readily available through the wholesalers here in the twin cities. This is important for those “rush jobs” that occur from time to time. The other carpets that need to be ordered in, usually require a week to ten days to receive.

Most of the carpets that I show and sell are Polyesters or Nylons. I do carry some Smart Strand© and Stainmaster© carpets as well.

The process for buying carpet usually starts with me coming out to your space to measure the area. At this time I will calculate how many yards of carpet you will need and I often bring out samples for you to look through right then. Once the carpet selection is finalized (or if we use a carpet allowance), I can then provide a firm price for the product and installation. It’s as easy as that!