Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP)

Luxury vinyl planks are very similar to tiles with the exception of the dimensions. The planks are long and skinny (just like a laminate or “Pergo” plank) Usually 5 or six inches wide by 36-48 inches in length.

Planks almost always have some sort of “wood grain” design to them. LVP’s are installed one of two ways. Either a glue down installation like the tiles, or they can come with a tongue and groove locking mechanism which can enable the entire plank floor to be floated just like a laminate floor. Two upsides of this type of flooring are these: The maintenance of these floors is extremely easy, and also that vinyl planks are completely water resistant (top and bottom) which means that they are approved for basement installations and also that liquids from the surface will not swell the seems like a laminate floor is vulnerable to.